EGO COMPETITOR CUSTOM 11' / 3# (wykończenie gold/carbon/burgundy)

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11-feet 3# Competitor has been measured as a real 3 AFTM class rod. That affects positively on fishing with light tippets. We recommend tippets from 0,08 mm to 0,14 mm. The optimum is 0,12 mm. The rod's blank protects light and thin tippet thanks to fluent blank deflection and enables to fight with fish close to the tippet's maximum strength. Competitor 11' / 3# is an amazing light nymphs caster, it's easy to cast far and precisely with a very light nymphs. The Competitor 11' / 3# is dedicated for euro nymphing.

    • - handmade in Poland
    • - light and sensitive IM8 - IM10 carbon blank, designed and manufactured by Ego Fly Fishing Equipment
    • CFX Composite Carbon Fiber Grip (half wells)
    • - ultra light and durable, thin wire, single leg guides (manufactured by Ego Fly Fishing Equipment)
    • - top quality hard wood inserts manufactured by EFE
    • -  downlocking reel seat 
    • -  protective cordura tube (made in Poland)
    • - 25 years first owner warranty







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